Ancient city of Aptera/ The Subashi fortress

We unite the distant past
with the recent history of Chania

Ancient city of Aptera/ The Subashi fortress

If you’re fascinated by traveling in the past, then this excursion will excite you. We visit the most powerful city of Western Crete during the Minoan times, Aptera.

We see the theater, the walls, the water tanks, public and private baths and so many other monuments. In front of us unfolds a crossroad of civilizations where Ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium meet and the images are so strong that if we close our eyes we can almost hear the whisper from the conversations of the first inhabitants traveling through the centuries. We end our journey in the recent past with the impressive bay of Chania in front of us, walking in the largest fortress of the Ottoman Empire in Chania, with 150 years of history, which is so well preserved as if time has stopped!

A short dive into the turbulent history of Western Crete that unites the Ancient Hellenistic times up until the occupation by the Ottoman Empire.

Duration: 2 hours

A short route in terms of time, through which the wonderful bay of Chania prevails.


Wi-Fi, magazines, cold bottled water, Wet cleaning wipes, music, air condition

Historical Sites

Ancient city of Aptera/ The Koules of Aptera or Subashi fortress