Margarites/ Eleutherna/ City of Rethymno

Art, ancient Greece and the Cretan city of light

Margarites/ Eleutherna/ City of Rethymno

For those that love to discover traditional destinations full of color, flavors and art we commence from the colorful “Margarites” in the North of Psiloritis.

A village where the visitor walks through alleys with large clay pots, ceramic ornaments hanging on walls and clay jars with flowers. Next, our steps lead us to the ancient city of Eleftherna, where everything started thousands of years ago.

We visit the new contemporary Museum with thousands of findings and then explore the alleys of the old city of Rethymno, a city full of sunlight and the blue color of the sea. With wonderful taste destinations, aromas, monuments and neighborhoods that time hasn’t touched.

An excursion which at the end of the day, finds our memories filled with light, the light of the Greek land!

Duration: 6 hours

In this excursion we get a taste of the villages of Crete and the light-filled city of Rethymno.


Wi-Fi, magazines, cold bottled water, Wet cleaning wipes, music, air condition

Historical Sites

Ancient City of Eleftherna/ Monastery of Arkadi